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Security system technology
December 08, 2021

Technology Advancements in Raleigh Home Security Systems

Home security systems have been available in Raleigh for generations, and hasn’t changed until the past few years. Home protection has always been seen as a worry, but sometimes it seemed confusing. But now, we have WiFi connected sensors, cameras, and smart components that allow a security system more responsive to your needs. Check out the following technology advancements in Raleigh home security that enhance your safety and simplify your life.

Activate Your System From Your Sofa Via Vocal Directives

You are able to control your security with simple words. Voice commands keep your hands free and let you avoid the trouble of physically operating your home’s defense with an entered PIN when you decide to turn it on. Vocal functionality is simple to set up with compatible Amazon or Google devices. You might add another level of convenience and schedule your alarms through your versatile smart phone application.

ADT Smart Lock Control Pad in a Sitting Room

Secure Your Property With Smart Door Locks

Your standard front door locks are more likely to be circumvented than keypad entry systems. Within your smartphone security application, you create a unique touchpad number that you will then pass on to your immediate family and others you want to have permission to enter your home. You even have the ability to deactivate the locks from your mobile device, which is helpful if you are unpacking shopping bags or luggage or at any point when you have your hands full making an effort to open your front door. Smart locks are a prime example of technology advancements in Raleigh home security that will leave you wondering how you managed to live without.

Keep An Eye On Your Front Porch With Handy Doorbell Surveillance

Among the most sought-after technology advancements in Raleigh home security are doorbell security cameras. These components will not only chime a visitor arrives, but you will also have the opportunity to visually confirm who is at your door. Many video doorbells offer motion detection and will alert you and record footage when it observes any activity. If there's a stranger at your entrance that you are uncomfortable letting in, you may utilize the two-way talk capability instead of speaking in person.

Illuminate Your Home with Smart Lights

It's widely known that a unlit home is a likely target for invasion. Not only that, who wants to set foot in a dim, gloomy space when arriving home in the evening? Smart lights let you to control your home’s illumination regardless of your location. You should place smart components in various rooms of your residence, so it gives the appearance that someone is there. You might also customize your devices to illuminate whenever you want and have your home come to life as you get done with your shower in the morning or after you arrive back from the office.

Incorporate Live Video Monitoring To See What's Happening At Home

Did you decide to try a new house cleaner and wish to check in on them? What about teenagers at home that you are concerned about when you’re in the office? Do you have furry friends with behavioral concerns? With real-time video footage, you can take a look inside your home from your smartphone at any moment you wish. Incorporate security cameras both inside and out to monitor and keep your home and family secure.

Benefit From Technology Advancements With Your Raleigh Home Security Plan From Secure24 Alarm Systems

Defending your home and protecting your family is less challenging than you might believe through the use of today's technology advancements in Raleigh home security. So give us a call today, and let us help you build the perfect security system . From home automation to efficient and accurate installations, we're here to give you and your family the protection you need. Place a call to (919) 756-7929 or send in the form below.