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March 14, 2022

Tips To Control Your Raleigh Home Security From Your Phone

These days, a home security system has more features than keypads and alarms. Your home defense might include CO detectors, smart lighting, and a whole host of home automation components. To command it all you are able to utilize your convenient touchscreen interface when you are on site. When you’re not on location, you have the ability to control your Raleigh home security with a phone.

Fortunately, the responsive ADT cell phone app makes remote access and scheduling easy to do.

Taking the First Steps With ADT Control

To begin controlling your Raleigh home security system with your cell phone is through a download of the ADT Control app for your mobile device. Once the download is complete, your ADT representative will instruct you through the basic configuration. After you have decided on your username and password details, you are able to enter it on various smartphones and other mobile devices. To arm your your alarms, touch the icon in the shape of a shield. You are able to access every device from your phone, including smart lights and locks, surveillance systems, and sensors.

Control Your Devices From Anywhere

A home security app on your mobile device allows you to control integrated equipment around your house with the effortless touch of your finger. Did you fail to engage the front door lock on the way out? Simply go to your ADT mobile app. You can activate your overall home security, see live video feeds, alter light levels, turn up the thermostat, by using the correct icon inside the app. You can even get instant alerts on your mobile device if any of your connected security elements sense trouble.

Keep Eyes On Your Property

When you control your Raleigh home security system with your phone, you can enjoy a real-time video feed of your property when cameras are active. Explore live footage from any connected camera directly from your mobile device, and keep shorter segments or still images, and playback more extensive segments as you wish. In the event guests arrive at your door – the mail person, a salesman, or a relative -- simply utilize the 2-way audio functionality to speak with them.

Increase Functionality With Scheduling And Geofencing

Through the central menu, you will enjoy access to a range of modern features. Use scheduling your comfort levels, sensors, smart lighting, and anything else you like by creating your own unique scene. By using this feature, you are able to designate how devices communicate with each other, and when you would like them to engage or turn off. Make a end-of-day scene that switches off all the downstairs smart lights, turns on the outside entrance light, reduces the comfort levels, and arms your overall security alarm. Next, you can set a start-your-day scene that makes the opposite adjustments when you need to rise and shine.

If you would like to get more technical, you can allow geo-services from your central command center or smartphone. By doing so, you can have your residence “shut-down” by activating locks, switching off the smart lights, and turning on your security system when you leave the driveway. Then when you pull in after a long day’s work, your house will come alive by automatically opening the garage and disarming the alarms.

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